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For the past two weeks I’ve been working literally 16 hours a day on these two websites that are turning out to be my absolute best work.  

I am so excited to be releasing a complete redesign on a popular online apparel store on March 3rd.  With the new web design they’ll also be releasing new products.  They’ll be giving 10% off your entire order if you enter a coupon code of 'ryanjay.com' when you check out.  How badass is that? 

The second website I am working on is for this hip-hop artist and it’s seriously turning out so well.  I’ve been listening to his tracks non-stop while I code his site.  

Both new websites will be getting brand new Tumblr themes to match their new website layout.  Tumblr coding is somewhat of a bitch, but it’s fun.  

Okay, I am sure non of you care, but there is an update.  I am still selling fullscreen templates for photographers for $100.  If you’re interested in any of those, or a website, email me at photo@ryanjay.com


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